iOS In-App Purchases with Swift Masterclass

Master the art of selling inside your products! | taught by Neil North

Course description

The most comprehensive masterclass you will find on monetizing your iOS app or game!

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skill to monetize any app using the AppStore's StoreKit framework in modern Swift 2.2 / 3 (or higher) in iOS9 / 10 (or higher).

All code is designed to be modular so that it is both easy and effective to reuse in as many different apps as you wish. You can either write the code yourself as you watch the video or download the full in-app purchase module and sample applications directly from this course.

Topics Covered:

  • Consumable and Non-Consumable Products
  • Non-Consumable Hosted Products
  • Modular In-App Manager Design
  • Including the Module in UIKit Apps
  • Including the Module in SpriteKit Games
  • Using iTunes Connect (Apps, Products, Sandbox Test Users)
  • Using Developer Resources (Product Identifiers)
  • Swift Best Practice Principles

Content Included:

  • 5 Sample Xcode Projects
  • Over 2 hours of detailed video
  • Plenty of printable reference material

All future updates are available at no extra charge to existing customers. We aim to provide source code updates as soon as the NDA lifts after WWDC each year.

Neil North
Neil North
Director - Software Training